Majestic Micronesia – Kosrae: The Island You Never Knew You Needed to Visit

Wondering where to vacation to this year? Hawaii? Jamaica? Why not the Sleeping Lady?

The remote island of Kosrae (Ko-sh-rye) lies 1400 miles South East of Guam. Local legend tells of a powerful God who created a mountain in the shape of a lady to produce people. Such people make Kosrae the island to visit. Here are several reasons you need to visit Kosrae:

Sleeping Lady
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Kosrae heralds over 1000 years worth of traditions still prevalent amongst its inhabitants today. Visit the Menke ruins, home to the Goddess of Breadfruit, and the oldest ruins in the Federated States of Micronesia located deep in the rainforest. Lelu ruins on Lelu island stand 20ft tall, similar to the Nan Madol ruins on Pohnpei.

Menke Ruins
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Beaches are limited, but the mountainous topography creates natural cascading waterfalls. Take a dip in the pools and escape the tropical heat. Seek permission from local land owners before entering these areas.

Sipyen Waterfall
Sipyen Waterfall. Image courtesy of

Scuba Diving

Travel to the deep pacific and explore the beautiful corals that lie just beneath the oceans surface. Crystal clear waters coupled with exotic fish and warm ocean currents should be enough to entice any novice diver.

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Kosrae is home to almost 7,000 inhabitants according to a 2010 census. Whilst Kosrae is only 43 square miles, it does not feel overrun. The locals across all of Micronesia are extremely friendly.  Locals will happily show you around, treat you like family and introduce you to the unique island foods including: breadfruit, coconuts, bananas and even SPAM!

Be one of the lucky few tourists that visits Kosrae. But remember, trespassing may result in offerings of food.





10 Common Phrases

Earn the locals trust by practicing common phrases. Locals are very friendly, so take advantage of this.

  1. Hello – Lwen Wo
  2. Goodbye – Fah Ohsun
  3. How are you? – Kom Fuhkah?
  4. Strong – Fokoko (typical response to “Kom Fuhkah?”) or Wona (Good)
  5. My name is… – Inek Pa
  6. Thank You (Very Much) – Kuloh na ma luhlhahp
  7. Yes – Ahok
  8. No – Moh
  9. How much (is this)? – Meac ke (ma se inge)?
  10. Can you please help me? – Kuh kom kuh in kahsrweyuc wihn?

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2 thoughts on “Majestic Micronesia – Kosrae: The Island You Never Knew You Needed to Visit

  1. I love Kosrae, such an idyllic paradise! I’ll be back there for a week in April.


    1. I am very jealous! Have you visited any of the other Micronesian islands?
      I have previously written about Pohnpei and my next blog will be about the Chuuk lagoon.


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